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              Growing My Wealth

              No matter what you’re investing for, your Raymond James advisor will be your partner, collaborating with you to develop a wealth management plan based on your goals, timeline and risk tolerance.

              Building an investment portfolio can be a complex endeavor. Your advisor will help you select the right type of account, choose an appropriate asset allocation* and identify specific investments to satisfy your target mix. In addition to monitoring market conditions and the progress of your investments, your advisor will be there when life events call for adjustments – making sure you stay on track.

              Articulating Your Goals

              The first step in establishing a plan customized to meet your needs is clearly defining your goals. By helping you determine what “wealth” means to you, your advisor will make thoughtful recommendations that align with your goals. Working with a Raymond James advisor means you will have more than a portfolio – you will know where you’re going and have a plan to help you get there.

              Building a Portfolio

              Before a single stock is chosen, developing an investment policy to help you reach your goals takes many things into consideration, including what type of growth you’ll need, when you’ll need money, liquidity concerns, risk tolerance and the most appropriate type of account. With a strategy in place, your advisor can make personalized recommendations from a full range of investment products backed by award-winning research and due diligence – everything you need to put your strategy to work.

              Navigating the Market Ups and Downs

              Effective financial planning focuses on long-term goals while managing risk along the way. The collaborative relationship you establish with your advisor will deepen through the years, allowing you to navigate potentially emotional periods of volatility in the markets as well as changes in your life or investment timeline.

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              *Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit nor protect against a loss.


              Commentary & Insights

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              Markets already tense over potential policy swings in 2020

              The markets appear more attentive than usual at this point in the primary race, says Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills; investors “don’t want to be caught off guard” the way many were in 2016.

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              Markets & Investing

              Volatility resources

              When markets react, maintain a long-term perspective.

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