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              Retirement Plan Advisory Council

              A wealth of knowledge to help navigate your fiduciary duties

              Raymond James Retirement Plan Advisory Council advisors can help plan sponsors manage the decision-making process, document the steps along the way and supervise the results of those decisions, all while acting in your plan’s best interests.

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              About us

              An esteemed network of retirement plan expertise

              The Raymond James Retirement Plan Advisory Council (RPAC) is a group of financial advisors who uphold the highest level of fiduciary care for serving retirement plans and retirement plan sponsors. Based nationwide, this dedicated group of advisors has made retirement plan consulting its primary focus and continually develops and adheres to best practices that clients can depend on.

              RPAC advisors serve as trusted consultants with a wide array of available solutions and access to dedicated support through Raymond James Institutional Fiduciary Solutions (IFS) and are under no obligation to use proprietary products. RPAC advisors utilize a prudent process that includes understanding your needs, designing the most appropriate plan, implementing a diversified offering of investments to minimize risk and finally, managing the outcomes to meet your participants’ goals and satisfy the terms of the plan.

              RPAC advisors act with prudence and diligence, implementing a fiduciary standard of care with regard to investment recommendations and monitoring of plan investments. We understand the challenges that plan sponsors face as well as how important it is to attract and retain quality employees through value-added programs like retirement plans. Through our commitment to the success of your plan and the retirement readiness of your employees, our goal is to build and foster long-term relationships with you and your company.

              Thoughtful design, meaningful results

              We understand many factors are involved in the selection of retirement plan providers and each employer has specific needs and objectives that are important in this decision. RPAC advisors can assist you with evaluating your alternatives and coordinating the implementation and enrollment of employees. RPAC advisors have the tools and resources necessary to streamline the selection and monitoring of the plan’s investments, as well as provide benchmarking to ensure your plan costs are reasonable. One of the most beneficial advantages of working with a Raymond James retirement plan advisor is that he or she will acknowledge his or her role as an ERISA plan fiduciary.

              Who we serve

              • 401(k) Plans
              • 403(b) and 457 Plans
              • Defined Benefit Plans
              • Money Purchase and Profit-Sharing Plans
              • SEP Plans
              • SIMPLE IRA Plans

              Locate an RPAC Advisor

              Find a knowledgeable RPAC advisor near you.


              Fiduciary Standard of Care

              Delivering service with integrity

              Retirement Plan Advisory Council advisors adhere to a defined set of guidelines, ensuring our clients receive the highest fiduciary level of prudent care.

              Act in the sole interest of participants

              Adhere to core principles:

              • Communicate clearly and effectively all aspects of investment structure
              • Provide a diversified investment solution
              • Construct investment lineups within investment policy guidelines
              • Ensure expenses are reasonable and avoid conflicts of interest

              Exercise prudence in selecting suitable investments

              Manage investments according to the investment policy statement