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              Ideal Candidates

              In addition to completion of an MBA at a qualified institution, attributes for the ideal candidate include:

              • Exceptional analytical, quantitative and critical thinking skills
              • Motivated and independent self-starter with tolerance for ambiguity and complexity
              • Strong interest in the financial services industry

              "The Assistant to the Chairman role provided me with an invaluable set of experiences, including interesting interdisciplinary assignments across most of the business units of a well-managed, international, diversified financial services company. In some ways, the role also served as a "real-life extension" of my MBA studies, providing a firsthand view of our senior executives' management, planning and decision-making process."

              -Mike White, Chicago Booth '98
              Chief Marketing Officer & Director of Strategic Planning

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              We are now accepting applications for the 2020 Assistant to the Chairman fulltime and internship positions. Please click the links below for more information.

              2020 Assistant to the Chairman application

              2020 Summer Assistant to the Chairman Internship application